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Photon-9 Spectrum Therapeutic Instrument

edit:Digital colposcopeSource of time:2019-03-19

Photon-9 Spectrum Therapeutic Instrument
Photon-9 Spectrum Therapeutic Instrument

  Spectrum Therapeutic Instrument

  Product Introduction

  1. 300 high-power LED cold light sources, secondary optical design, ultra-high irradiation intensity and light uniformity

  2. Multiple combinations of red and blue light

  3. Global exclusive light source design

  4. Treatment time is as short as 3-5 minutes; Save treatment time; Improve department income

  5. Machine body is designed with aluminum profile; Entirely mould development; The treatment head is designed with aluminum base plate; Fast heat dissipation; Ensure the transmission effect of cold light source

  6. LED spectrum therapeutic instrument is photodynamic, with obvious optic power

  7. Light source can be freely extended depending on the treatment site

  8. Light source is electrically connected with the host via quick coupling, allowing for more convenient and quick replacement of light source

  9. Due to the free cantilever design, light source can stay at any position and angle

  10. 8in rotable color touch screen can be easily operated

  11. Designed with built-in common treatment schedule, dispense with repeated setting

  12. Voice prompt

  13. Adjustable light source illumination intensity, or pulse therapy

  14. The double protection (touch switch and power-on password) guarantees the operation safety

  15. No invasive operation, no damage to skin cells and no side effects