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The main steps for the use of colposcope

edit:Digital colposcopeSource of time:2018-01-25

Is a modern colposcopy for the detection of vaginal intraepithelial neoplasia and cervical cancer and genital tract lesions in an auxiliary diagnostic instrument, through high-definition endoscopy for examination to guide the diagnosis of cervical cancer for more than 98% of the accuracy of the diagnosis and treatment of gynecological diseases, which are widely used in modern medical.
The main steps for the use of colposcope
The examination method of HD colposcopy is mainly using acetic acid to smear the outer vagina to observe whether there are cervical lesions or vaginal lesions and adhesion to normal mucosa. According to the condition, cervical curettage is decided to prevent further pathological cell proliferation. Due to the use of no absolute contraindication, high definition colposcopy can have a clearer exploration of squamous cell junction, severe inflammation, or severe atrophy.
Normal HD colposcopy is used, we must first clean up the vulva to expose the cervix, then placed into taking HD colposcopy white light with a clear vision, and sampling as dyeing test of saline, were stained with acetic acid solution and smearing iodine solution were observed, save the image test of columnar epithelium and squamous epithelium. After the biopsy was performed according to the location.
The main lesion is prone to cervical transformation zone, the junction between the physiological scale column contains the cylindrical epithelial metaplasia and island at the junction of the two main cervical cancer prone position, therefore, the use of HD colposcopy should be the main this several investigation to confirm the diagnosis.
According to the difference of the degree of cancer, the performance of acetic acid test can be observed differently. Mild lesions of cervical epithelium showed bright white, smooth border and no obvious vascular protrusion. Therefore, the reaction of acetic acid and white was delayed, and the effect of regression was very fast. Compared with high parts of the lesion appears muddy or thickness increased, and accompanied by abnormal blood vessels, the reaction time in acetic acid test in the process of short, and the regression speed was slow, the situation can be regarded as abnormal.
According to experimental observation using HD colposcopy, cervical cancer early lesions can direct the judgment, but because of the lack of certain subjective judgment basis, the need for quantitative analysis and evaluation and follow-up assessment of the lesions, and confirm the diagnosis and treatment scheme.