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10 sales
1, college degree or above, have a certain understanding of network marketing, love the network marketing industry, have a positive learning spirit and life attitude;
2, with strong communication ability, expressive ability, sales ability and agile thinking analysis ability, fluent Mandarin;
3, team spirit, good professional ethics, dedication and integrity, work active, conscientious and responsible, love learning;
4. The relevant experience is preferred;
Recruitment phone: 0755-8966 8981
5 passenger service
1, love service work of customer service, good communication ability, patience and meticulous, strong sense of service, can bear certain work pressure;
2, responsible for answering customer phone and tracking back visit.
3. Collation of customer information, statistics, analysis and report of order information;
4, accept the common customer complaints, timely feedback to the relevant departments and follow up the treatment;
Recruitment phone: 0755-8966 8981